Institute (Faculty)Code and name of courseQualificationCourse duration 
Institute of Law 40.04.01Jurisprudence Human rights systems in Russia 2 years  
Entrepreneurial law, commercial law 2 years  
Criminal law, criminology, criminal and penal law 2 years  
Civil law, family law, international private law, investment activity management 2 years  
Institute of Pedagogy 01.04.01 Mathematics - 2 years  
44.04.01 Pedagogical education Extracurricular activity in primary schools 2 years  
Language education 2 years  
Linguoculturological strategics in foreign education 2 years  
Pre-school education management 2 years  
Linguo-didactic activity of multicultural linguistic person 2 years  
Mathematical education 2 years  
44.04.03 Speech pathology education Logopedia 2 years  
45.04.01 Philology Russian literature 2 years  
46.04.01 History Russian history within the context of world history 2 years  
49.04.01 Physical culture Theory of physical culture and technology of physical culture education 2 years  
Institute of Medicine 18.04.01 Chemical engineering Industrial engineering of pharmaceutical drugs 2 years  
Institute of Cross-cultural Communications and International Relations 45.04.01 Philology (Foreign philology) Romance-Germanic philology 2 years  
Comparative study of languages in terms of cross-cultural communication 2 years  
Modern language education in terms of cross-cultural communication 2 years  
Theory and practice of cross-cultural communication 2 years  
Theoretic and applied aspects of translation 2 years  
Russian as a foreign language 2 years  
Institute of Management 38.04.02 Management Innovative project management 2 years  
Marketing 2 years  
Strategic management 2 years  
38.04.03 Personnel management Management of human resources 2 years  
38.04.04 State and Municipal management State and Municipal service 2 years  
Project management 2 years  
38.04.05 Business informatics Life cycle management of information systems 2 years  
38.04.09 Government auditing Expertise and analytics in the area of government auditing 2 years  
39.04.01 Sociology Sociology of management 2 years  
Institute of Economy 38.04.01 Economics International business 2 years  
Customs regulation of foreign economic activity 2 years  
Tax consulting 2 years  
International investments 2 years  
Economics of enterprise and industry-specific markets 2 years  
Real estate economics 2 years  
Accounting, analyses and audit 2 years  
International economics 2 years  
Foreign economic activity of organization 2 years  
Tax administration 2 years  
Regional economics 2 years  
Business economics 2 years  
38.04.08 Finance and credit Banks and banking business 2 years  
Financial management 2 years  
Corporate finance 2 years  
Valuation activities 2 years  
Insurance industry 2 years  
Marketing 2 years  
Strategic management 2 years  
Faculty of Mining and Natural Resource Management 05.04.02 Geography Geo-ecology 2 years  
05.04.06 Ecology and management of natural resources Natural resource investigation using aerospace equipment 2 years  
21.04.02 Land regulation and cadastres Cadastre and monitoring of lands 2 years  
Faculty of Business and Service 43.04.02 Tourism Organization and management of tourist business 2 years  
Faculty of Information Technologies and Applied Mathematics 02.04.01 Mathematics and Computer sciences Mathematical and software computer support 2 years  
09.04.02 Information systems and technologies Information systems and technologies in economics and finance 2 years  
09.04.03 Applied information science Information and analytical support of making decisions 2 years  
11.04.02 Info-communication technologies and communication systems Theories and algorithms of signal modeling and processing 2 years  
Systems and devices of radio engineering and communication 2 years  
Wireless access systems and mobile telecommunication 2 years  
Faculty of Biology and Chemistry 04.04.01 Chemistry Analytical chemistry 2 years  
06.04.01 Biology Microbiology 2 years  
Faculty of Engineering and Physics 03.04.02 Physics Condensed matter physics 2 years  
Theoretic and mathematical physics 2 years  
Constructive nanomaterials 2 years  
22.04.01 Materials science and Materials Engineering Constructive nanomaterials 2 years  
Faculty of Journalism 42.04.02 Journalism Journalist-reseacher: international agenda 2 years  
Cultural issues in mass media 2 years  
Communication science and public relations 2 years  
Faculty of Sociology and Theology 39.04.02 Social work Social work management 2 years  
Psycho-social work in social safety net 2 years  
41.04.04 Politology Political relationship and political developments in contemporary Russia 2 years  
47.04.01 Philosophy Philosophical anthropology and philosophy of culture 2 years  
48.04.01 Theology Contemporary history of confession 2 years  
51.04.01 Cultural studies Languages of culture and cross-cultural communication 2 years  
Faculty of Psychology 37.04.01 Psychology Psychology of personality 2 years  
Psychology of development 2 years