Structure of the Faculty


  • General and Clinical Psychology, Head of the Department: Doctor of Psychology, Professor Tatiana N. Razuvaeva ;
  • Developmental and Social Psychology, Head of the Department, Associate Professor Alexandra E. Gerasimova.

The process of education

Department of Psychology provides the basic educational programs in the following specialties and areas of training:

  • 030301.65 Psychology with specialization "Social Psychology"
  • 030302.65 Clinical Psychology with specialization "Clinical counseling and correctional psychology";
  • 050706.65 Pedagogics and Psychology with specialization "Management Psychology";
  • 37.95.02, 030301.65 Psychology of Duty Activities with specialization "Moral and psychological support service activities";
  • 37.05.01, 030401.65 Clinical Psychology with specialization" Psychological support in extreme situations ";
  • 37.03.01, 030300.62 Psychology;
  • 44.03.02, 050400.62 Psycho-pedagogical education; profile "Educational Psychology";
  • 37.04.01, 030300.68 Psychology program "Developmental Psychology" and "Psychology of Personality";
  • 44.04.02, 050400. 68 Psycho-pedagogical education program "Psychology of teaching activities."