Structure of the Faculty

There are 4 departments in the faculty:

  • The Department of Pedagogics and Methodology of Primary Education – the head of the department - T.V. Jakovleva, PhD in pedagogy, associate professor;
  • The Department of Preschool and Special (Defectological) Education - the head of the department - L.N.Voloshina, PhD in pedagogy, professor;
  • The department of Fine Arts - head of the department - A.P. Danilenko, PhD in pedagogy, associate professor;
  • The department of psychology - the head of the department - V.V. Grebneva, PhD in psychology, professor.

The process of education

The Faculty trains specialists in 3 basic and 3 additional specialties:

  • Pedagogy and methodology of primary education and additional specialty in IT and foreign languages;
  • Fine arts;
  • Logopedics and additional specialty in special preschool education and psychology.

Since 2011 the Faculty has been carrying out the training of future teachers according to tier system of education - Bachelor – Master. To get a Bachelor degree the students are trained in two fields of study:

  • “Pedagogical education”, specialization: primary education, preschool education, fine arts, primary education and informatics, fine arts and world art culture;
  • “Special (Defectological) Education”, specialization logopedics.

Bachelor’s degree holders in accordance with their specialization are prepared to work as primary schoolteachers, as teachers of additional educational programs, as mentors, as methodists in preschool educational establishments, as teachers of fine arts, as teachers of world art culture.

There are some masters’ degree programs at the Faculty:

  • “Pedagogical education” – the programs are “Theory and methodology of primary language education”, “Additional education of persons with disabilities”, “Management of pre-school education”, “Extracurricular activities in primary school”;
  • “Special (Defectological) Education” – the program is “Logopedics”.