Structure of the Faculty

At present the Faculty includes 2 departments:

  • Department of Mathematics (head of the department – candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, associate professor I.P. Borisovskiy)
  • Department of Computer Science, Sciences and Teaching Methods (head of the department – Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor L.V. Krasovskaya)

The process of education

The faculty of Mathematics and Sciences offers Bachelor’s Degree programs (01.03.01 Mathematics and 44.03.01 Pedagogical education) with specialization in:

  • Mathematics (4 years)
  • Computer Science (4 years)
  • Mathematics and Computer Science (5 years)
  • Computer Science and Foreign Language (English) (5 years)
  • Mathematics and Physics (5 years)
  • Geography and Health and Safety (5 years)
  • Biology and Chemistry (5 years)

Extramural department offers programs (44.03.01 Pedagogical education) with specialization:

  • Mathematics (5 years)
  • Computer Science (5 years)
  • Biology (5 years)
  • Geography and Health and Safety (6 years)

The Bachelor’s degree holders may enroll in the following 2-year Master’s Degree programs: 01.04.01 Mathematics (with specialization “Partial differential equation”, “Theory of numbers”, “Mathematical support of Information Technologies”) and 44.04.01 Pedagogical education (with specialization “Mathematical education”)

Master’s degree holders may enroll in the post-graduate school to get a scientific degree. The faculty provides post-graduate education on the following specialization:

  • 01.01.02. Differential equations, dynamic systems and optimal control
  • 05.13.18. Mathematical modeling, calculus and program systems in scientific research

The graduates of the faculty have the right to work as teachers of their major subjects in secondary schools, colleges, high schools and institutions of additional, vocational and higher education.