• Institute Director –Victoria B. Tarabayeva, tel. (4722) 301280;
  • Associate director for scientific and international activity – Ivan T. Shatokhin, tel. (4722) 301854
  • Associate director for studies and educational work - Olesya M. Khoreva, tel. (4722) 301823;
  • Associate director for coordination of activities with educational establishments – Nina I. Patokina, tel. (4722) 301300*2828


  • Faculty of Physical Education
  • Faculty of Preschool, Primary and Special education
  • Faculty of History and Philology
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Sciences
  • Faculty of Foreign languages
  • Faculty of Psychology
  • Department of Education

Institute today

Pedagogical institute of the National Research University "BELGU" is formed 01.09.2013, since 01.09.2014 the faculty of psychology has been a part of Pedagogical institute.

The main task of Pedagogical Institute is training of qualified specialists, bachelors and masters for implementation of professional and pedagogical activity according to modern requirements of the society and tendencies of development of an education system of the country and region.

Skilled graduates of Pedagogical Institute are intended to take the leading teachers’ positions in the establishments of the general and additional education, be capable of creation and organization of alternative forms of preschool, primary and secondary school education and be ready to solve problems of these education levels in the region.

Graduates of Pedagogical Institute are urged to solve effectively any professional problems, to conform to the high standard of preparation of Pedagogical Institute of Belgorod State National Research University and requirements of the branch, corresponding to profession inquiries.

Vocational training of students is carried out according to the European standards of continuous three-level higher education: bachelor’s programme, Master's Studies Department, postgraduate study. The contingent of students for September 1, 2014 is 4906 people, including 2508 students of full-time form of education.

The institute trains teachers and specialists in the following departments:

Faculty of Physical Education (dean – I.N. Nikulin)

  • Medical-Biological discipline (head of the department – V.K. Klimova);
  • Sport Discipline (head of the department – A.V. Voronkov);
  • Theory and Methodology of Physical Education (head of the department - F.I. Sobyanin);
  • Physical Education (head of the department S.V. Goncharuk).

Faculty of Preschool, Primary and Special education (dean - V.V. Dyomitcheva)

  • Preschool and Special (defectology) Education (head of the department – L.N. Voloshina);
  • Pedagogics and Methodology of Primary Education (head of the department – T.V. Yakovleva);
  • Psychology (head of the department – V.V. Grebneva);
  • Fine Art (head of the department – A.P. Danilenko).

Faculty of History and Philology (dean – A.I. Papkov)

  • Russian History and Document Studies (head of the department - K.V. Kozlov);
  • General History and Foreign regional studies (head of the department – N.N. Bolgov);
  • Philology (head of the department – V.K. Kharchenko).

Faculty Mathematics and Sciences (dean – Chernyavskikh S.D.)

  • Mathematics (head of the department – I.P. Borisovskiy);
  • Computer Science, Sciences and Teaching methods (head of the department – l.V. Krasovskaya).

Faculty of Foreign Languages (dean – A.A. Kolesnikov)

  • English Language and methods of teaching (head of the department – A.M. Amatov);
  • French and German languages (head of the department - A.P. Sedykh);
  • Foreign Languages (head of the department – E.A. Ogneva).

Faculty of Psychology (dean - V.N. Tkachev)

  • Developmental and Social Psychology (head of the department – A.C. Gerasimova);
  • General and Clinical Psychology (head of the department – T.N. Razuvaeva).

Department of Education (Head of the department Valentina N. Kormakova);

Department of Education is an independent teaching and research department of Belgorod State Teachers' Institute which was created in 1940.

Being an interdepartmental and inter-institutional department in Belgorod State National Research University (NRU "BSU"), it provides education in all basic (pedagogical and non – pedagogical) specialities.

Currently, the educational activity at the department is carried out by 6 Doctors of Sciences, 7 Candidates of Sciences, 5 professors, 8 associate professors, 4 assistance lecturers. The chair of the department is Doctor of Education V.N. Kormakova.

At the department the following promising research areas of educational research are developed:

  • "Professional and pedagogical culture" (sup.– D. Ed Isaev I.F.);
  • "Social and environmental education" (sup. – D. Ed. V.S. Shilova);
  • "Socio-professional self-identity" (sup – D. Ed. Kormakova V.N.);
  • "The development of the students' research capacity " (sup. – Ph.D in Ed. Makotrova G.V.);
  • "The education space in the region as a condition for social and educational child protection" (sup. – Ph.D in Ed. V.L. Kholod).

The process of education

The term of education for full-time students is 4 years and 5 years, for part-time students – 5-6 years, for receiving second higher education – 4 years. Training term in Master's Studies Department - 2-2,5 years.

The institute conducts educational activity according to Federal state educational standards. Educational process is organized on the basis of competence-based approach, has the training-focused character that provides training of graduates for performance of all range of professional functions.

Training is conducted in three forms: full-time, part-time and extramural.

Teachers of the institute use modern educational technologies with application of electronic educational resources, methods of active training, project method, technologies of development of critical thinking. Skilled experts, and also famous domestic and foreign scientists work with bachelors and masters.

Each faculty carries out training of future teachers according to its specialties.

For a number of years students of institute show profound knowledge on pedagogics and psychology and special disciplines, confirmation to it is their successful participation in the Olympic Games and competitions of various level.

During training much attention is paid to student teaching. All types of student teaching are organized in educational institutions of different levels and types which are trainee or experimental platforms of municipal, regional or federal level.