Education Activity

In the college the students are trained in different specialities:

  • 060101, 31.02.01 “Medical Science” (qualification of medical attendant)
  • 060102, 31.02.02 “Obstetrical Science” (qualification of midwifery nurse)
  • 060501, 34.02.01 “Nursery Science” (qualification of nurse)
  • 060205, 31.02.05 “Preventive Dentistry” (qualification of dental hygienist)
  • 060301, 33.02.01 “Pharmacy” (qualification of pharmaceutist)
  • 060604, 31.02.03 “Laboratory Diagnostics” (qualification of medical laboratory technician)
  • 060502, 34.02.02 “Medical Massage” (qualification of massage nurse) for the education of dasabled persons with limited eyesight.

The college got licences for educational activity on the following specialities:

  • 32.02.02 “Medical and Prophylactical Science” (qualification of sanitary medical attendant)
  • 12.02.06 “Biotechnical Medical Systems and Apparatuses” (qualification of mechanic)
  • 43.02.04 “Applied Aesthetics” (qualification of aesthetist-technologist)

The college has a vigorous basis for education and practice available. The classrooms are united into subject unions of “Anatomy”, “Pharmacy”, “Obstetrics and Gynecology”, “Nursery science”, “Dentistry” and others. The classrooms are equipped with modern computer equipment.

The college has a vigorous information and telecommunication infrastructure that guarantees our educational and commanding activity on the modern level. There is a television net made and developed in the college. The cable television of the college unites 11 TV points, the channel of the Medical College of the NRU “BSU” in Youtube is created. The issues of news progpams are made with the help of our studio resources. These programs show the college life, conferences on methods, educational and non-educational activities, the teachers' and students' achievments in scientific, educational, research work and in sport competitions, congratulations with holidays and jubilees. The great opportunities of the TEM laboratory allow to make educational clips, films, videolectures practical video works, which make a good supplement to textbooks and are widely used in the educational work.

Science and Practice

The compulsory part of the graduates' professional growth is the educational scientific work to which a great attention is paid. The development of research skills, creative potentials and professional competences lies in the base of the students' research activity. The students represent the results of their work in a competition of research and creative works that is hold within the scientific session of the University as well as in different interregional scientific and practical conferences. Our students became the winners of international professional competitions for the students of pharmacy and prosthetic dentistry.

The scientific and educational centre “The innovatory technologies in the activity of paramedical staff” was created on the basis of the college. The priority direction of the centre activity is the introduction of health care technologies into the activity of paramedical staff and the creation of safe professional environment. Within this scientific and educational centre the project “The development of nursing school for palliative care of patients with motility disorders” was realized. The teaching staff of the Nursing Science learned health care technologies in the nursing activity. The results of the work became the materials about medical ergonomics which are widely used in the academic process of specialist training.

At present the qualitative medical education is impossible without close cooperation of the educational institute with employers.

That's why medical and teaching consultations, final conferences on the results of training practices with the invitation of health care representatives and vacancy fairs became traditional. The practical education in the college is directed by the deputy director G.A.Degaltseva.

International Cooperation

The medical college has been cooperating with the secondary medical school of Zrenyanin, Serbia since 2011.

The firs step towards the future cooperation was done in December 2011 when the deputy director Goritsa Krstitch (more) visited the college.

The interregional scientific and practical conference “The professional education today: search, creation, innovation” with international participation took place in the medical college of the NRU “BSU” on the 20th of April 2012. The delegation of Zrenyanin secondary medical school was headed by the director Radivoy Velisavlevitch (more).

Academic Mobility

Within the international cooperation the students of the medical college of the NRU “BSU” with the college director V.V. Krivetsky visited Serbia in May 2013. They learned how the students and the colleagues studied (more) and lived (more) in Serbia.

Development Prospects

The Medical College of the Medical Institute of the NRU “BSU” continues to develop. Today our goal is to perfect the material and technical basis, the software and methodical provision of the educational process for the realization of new federal educational standards, the development of scientific and staff potentials. At present within the science and research work in “Health care and safety of professional environment” the laboratory of automation introduced screening of the functional reserves of a body. Moreover it will assist the increase of training quality of the graduates in the realized specialities.

We are open for a cooperation and we hope for successful work with colleagues from different regions and countries.