Pharmaceutical Department of Belgorod State University was established in 2003 years. From 2007 years Pharmaceutical Department of Belgorod State University (BelSU) started functioning as an independent Pharmaceutical Faculty.

The process of education

Faculty of Pharmacy includes such chairs as: Pharmaceutics, Pharmacy Organization and Economics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy.

The high level of education is provided by 128 people of teaching staff, among them 16 professors, more than 70 lecturers, head teachers and Candidates of Science that work in BelSU. The modern educational technologies are used in academic activity, which include business games, case studying, modeling practice situations and etc.

Students are greatly interested in the future profession. During five years of study the students learn different subjects from fundamental to narrow special such as Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacy Organization and Economics, Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutics and Pharmacology

In the future specialists can work at pharmacies, different pharmaceutical organizations, chemistry plants.

Degree offered on Pharmaceutical Faculty graduation – Pharmaceutist – Technologist for new drug prodaction; Pharmaceutist - Analyst for drug quality control; Pharmaceutist – Manager. Qualification in Pharmacy - Pharmaceutist.

Today Pharmaceutical Faculty has a day time department (the 5 years of education).

The material and technical base

The material and technical base of chairs provides the professional preparation of future specialists. The Internet technology, the newest informative program workings in Pharmacy Organization and Economics, the modern instrumental methods of analysis remedy are used in academic activity.

The Pharmaceutical Faculty has buildings reserved for studies and such specialized laboratories as: the Facility of Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy.

The Pharmacy of BelSU is a training and production facility of Pharmaceutical Faculty.

Research work

The high potential of teaching staff is realized through the following scientific researches:

  • the perfecting of pharmaceutical management in Pharmacy and pharmaceutical marketing;
  • the methodology of creating drug forms with using modern informative technology;
  • the analysis of natural and synthetic biologically active substances in subjects of different derivation.

The staff members of faculty participate in numerous grants. The results of their studies are reconfirmed by numerous licenses and implementations in practice public health.

Students interested in research activities can join scientific societies that work at all chairs of the Pharmaceutical Faculty. There they can master their knowledge and research talents that can be useful for continuing studies.

International Contacts

The Pharmaceutical Faculty collaborates on contractual terms with German pharmaceutical company “Naturwaren”. Annually the best students attend this company and have training courses on their grounds.

Social and Educational Activities

Although studies are the most important part of students’ life, there is a wide ranges opportunities for entertainment and sports. Pharmaceutical Faculty has such good traditions as celebration of The Day of Pharmacist; the Days of Health and many others. The Pharmaceutical Faculty has the team of Club of the cheerful and sharp-witted.