The faculty includes 25 doctors and 103 PhD.

Department biomedical Sciences

308015, , Belgorod, street Victory, 85, 
Head of Department: Churnosov Mikhail Ivanovich - D.Sc., Professor

Department anatomy and histology of man

Belgorod, Ul. University, 50 (territory railway hospital);
Head of Department: Dolzhikov Alexander Anatolievich – D.Sc., Professor

Department biochemistry and pharmacology

308015 , Belgorod street Victory, 85;
Head of Department: Shaposhnikov Andrey Aleksandrovich - Dr. Sci., Professor.

Department of pathology.

308015, , Belgorod street Victory, 85;
Head of Department: Pavlov Tatyana Vasilevna - D.Sc., Professor

Department medical disciplines

Belgorod, Uljanov, 2.,
Head of Department: Yevdokimov Valery Ivanovich - D.Sc., Professor.

Department of propaedeutic of internal diseases and clinical information technology

Belgorod, Belgorod Avenue, 99. 
Head of Department: Akunenko Tatiana Igorevna - D.Sc., Professor

Department of General surgery with a course of operative surgery and topographic anatomy

Belgorod, Gubkin street, city clinical hospital №2
Head of Department: Vladimir Dmitrievich Lutsenko - D.Sc., Professor

Department faculty surgery

Belgorod, Belgorod Avenue, 99, mgcb No. 1;
Head of Department: Kovalenko Boris Stepanovich - PHD, honored doctor of the Russian Federation

Department hospital surgery

308007, , Belgorod street Nekrasov, 8/9, BOMB of Saint Joasaph, 9th building, 2nd floor.
Head of Department: Kulikovsky Vladimir Fedorovich - D.Sc., Professor, Honored doctor of the Russian Federation.

Department hospital therapy

Head of Department: Golivec Tatyana Pavlovna - D.Sc., Professor.

The Department of faculty therapy

Belgorod, Gubkin street, 46. City clinical hospital №2.
Head of Department: Efremova Olga Alekseevna - D.Sc., Professor

Department obstetrics and gynecology

Belgorod, street Nekrasov 8/9, BOKB of Saint Joasaph; Perinatal center.
Head of Department: Pakhomov, Sergey Petrovich - D.Sc., Professor

Department of Pediatrics with a course of surgical diseases of children

Head of Department: Romanova Tatiana Alekseevna - D.Sc., Professor

Department of psychiatry, narcology and clinical psychology

Head of Department: Razenkov Victor - D.Sc., Professor

Department of nervous diseases and regenerative medicine

308036 , Belgorod, Gubkin street, D. 46 MBUS "City hospital №2.
Head of Department: Chefranov Jeanne Yurevna - D.Sc., Professor

The process of education

The faculty offers the following specialty "General medicine", "Pediatrics", "Dentistry", "Nursing" On the faculty studying 448 foreign students from different countries.178 of them study in English

The term of study in the field of:

  • 060101 - General medicine - 6 years;
  • 060103 - Pediatrics - 6 years;
  • 060109 - Nursing full - time-4 years part - time-5 years;

Graduates in the field of:

  • "General medicine" and "Pediatrics" get qualified "physician";
  • "Nursing" - receive the qualification "Manager";

Material-technical base of the faculty allows each student to a high level to master all the disciplines of the curriculum. Equipped with the most modern equipment available to students are:

  • Anatomical hall.
  • Laboratory of molecular human genetics.
  • Morphological laboratory.
  • Laboratory of clinical biochemistry.
  • Laboratory frontierlike and chronophotography.
  • Laboratory of immunohistochemistry

The faculty established a research laboratory and preventive regenerative medicine. Clinical faculty are located in the leading medical institutions of Belgorod.

  • Belgorod regional clinical hospital of Saint Joasaph
  • City clinical hospital № 1
  • City clinical hospital № 2
  • Regional infectious diseases hospital
  • Regional clinical psychiatric hospital
  • Regional perinatal center
  • Regional skin and venereal dispensary
  • Regional TB dispensary
  • Urban polyclinics
  • Children's regional hospital
  • City children's hospital
  • Dental clinic
  • Fourth children's clinic.

To train students in the clinical disciplines are also a number of specialized diagnostic and treatment centers, Belgorod:

  • Centre of Coloproctology
  • Centre of surgery of the liver and pancreas
  • Nephrology center and other

Students of the medical faculty have access to all departments of medical institutions of the city. This allows you to fully prepare for future practical activities as a medical therapy books, pediatricians, dentists and managers. For homework the students have a solid library and free access to the global computer network Internet.

Students, in parallel with the main specialty, can absentia in addition to obtain the second higher economic or legal education.

Residency and internship

For graduates of the faculty on a speciality "Medical business" open the following post-graduate specialization programs two-year clinical residency:

  • surgery
  • obstetrics and gynecology
  • therapy
  • anesthesiology and resuscitation
  • infectious diseases
  • psychiatry
  • neurology
  • ambulance
  • cardiology
  • family medicine
  • regenerative medicine
  • reflexology
  • manual therapy
  • pathological anatomy,

and one-year clinical internship:

  • surgery
  • obstetrics and gynecology
  • therapy
  • neurology
  • ambulance
  • pathological the anatomy.


The faculty is functioning successfully graduate in 7 specialties:

  • Obstetrics and gynecology the Department of obstetrics and gynecology)
  • Psychiatry (Department of psychiatry and narcology)
  • Genetics (Department of biomedical Sciences)
  • Pathological anatomy (Department of pathology)
  • System analysis, management and information processing (Department of propedeutics of internal diseases and clinical information technology)
  • Surgery
  • Biochemistry

Heads of clinical residents, interns and graduate students are leading specialists of the faculty - professors and associate professors of clinical and theoretical departments.

Social Activities

Apart from studies, the faculty provides students with various pastime activities. The academic year starts with the Knowledge Day on the 1 of September, followed by an official student welcoming ceremony later on. In spring there is a Healthcare Day at Titovka — the University’s recreational base, where students play games, socialize and get to know each other. During the school year there are sport competitions, concerts and miscellaneous contests. We also celebrate national holidays of students from African, , Latin American, Arabic and Indian cultures. Students have access to the University Sport and Health Care Center where they can use the swimming pool and fitness equipment, take dancing classes and more.