In July 2013 The Medical Institute of "BelSU" was created on the basis of the Faculty of Medicine, uniting newly created Dentistry and Pharmaceutical departments, Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education, College of Medicine and specialized scientific departments. Since that time, the university provides an active development of medical education: the new departments are opened; it expands in area, modern medical and educational equipment is obtained, the number of students is increasing, the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of teaching staff is developing.

Today the Medical Institute of NRU "BelSU" - is a major scientific and educational structure, with its developed infrastructure and human resources to provide training in accordance with the priorities of national and regional healthcare system.

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Study at the Institute

There are 10.000 students at the Institute. Every year about 400 specialists with high university degree and 500 medical attendants graduate from the establishment of higher education. During the academic year 6000 healthcare professionals upgrade their skills at the Institute. Education is carried out according to 8 programs of higher education and 15 programs of secondary-level medical and pharmaceutical education, programs of Clinical Residency and Internship are also available. 95% of institute graduates work in the specialty.

The Institute comprises 24 departments, 16 of which are located on the basis of the leading medical and preventive treatment facilities of our region. Practical training of students is carried out in 22 healthcare organizations, as well as in pharmaceutical institutions. During current year the Institute has expanded available areas, some departments have been reorganized and new ones have been established, two departments (hospital therapy and hospital surgery) have been assigned as essential.

Modern educational technologies are being intensively developed at the Institute. Great attention is paid to the use of telemedicine. In 2015 the Institute announced the establishment of the Simulation Center for training and evaluation of professional qualifications of medical and pharmaceutical personnel. It was a facility staffed by highly qualified personnel and containing material and technical resources of the departments and the college. The new Simulation Center was opened in 2016 in order to maintain and further develop practical training, to hold accreditation of the university graduates and practical health care professionals. This is a center of regional importance.

Over 300 researchers and teachers work at the Institute, 70% of which have an academic degree, including 18% of those having the degree of Doctor of Science. The Faculty is presented by four RAS (The Russian Academy of Sciences) academicians, eight Honoured Doctors of the Russian Federation, four Honoured Workers of Higher Education and twenty Honored Workers of Secondary Vocational Education of the Russian Federation.

Phantom class of Faculty of Dentistry

Scientific researches at the Institute

The main scientific-research subdivisions of the Institute are the Center of Preclinical and Clinical Study and Interregional Center of Dental Innovations.

Besides, the scientific infrastructure of the Institute is represented by REC «Pharmacy», Human molecular genetics laboratories; Chrono diagnostics and Chrono physiotherapy; Nanostructural research in medicine; Immunohistochemistry; Molecular genetic; Functional diagnostics; Pharmaceutical and industrial engineering of drugs; Pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacognosy; Microbiology Lab and etc.

Postgraduate training program for young scientists is implemented within 17 medical and biological fields of study. Over a period of 3 years the admission to the Postgraduate training programs has raised more than twice, the range of specialties is increased. Dissertation Councils D999.068.03 of Candidate's dissertation and thesis for a doctor’s degree defense with a degree in 03.02.07 – Genetics (medical and biological sciences) and D999.071.02 of Candidate's dissertation and thesis for a doctor’s degree defense with a degree in 14.03.06 – pharmacology and clinical pharmacology (medical, biological and pharmaceutical sciences) operate.


Additional opportunities for research activity

Medical treatment and prevention

The polyclinic of NRU «BelSU», on the basis of which the wide range of therapeutic and health precautions for students and university teachers and employees by reference to specific features of education establishment performance has been working in the structure of the Institute of Medicine since 2014.

Specialists of the polyclinic provide medical services in the 15 fields of therapeutical and surgical specialties. IT system of the polyclinic provides Electronic Record of appointment to a doctor, interaction between employees on-line, and also operative electronic communication with medical institutions of Belgorod and Belgorod region, possibilities of electronic case report forms and patients archive. The polyclinic structure includes: general (family) practitioners and physiotherapy treatment department, health and recreation center with day-patient treatment and modern diagnostic centre. All the subdivisions of the polyclinic are equipped with the newest medical devices. The unique Clinical Study Department of Pharmaceuticals and Bacteriological Laboratory were opened in the polyclinic in September 2014.

«Pharmacy of NRU «BelSU» complex has been carrying out pharmaceutical services since 2005. Nowadays this subdivision of the Institute of Medicine is a developing training and production facilities of the Faculty of Pharmacy. Pharmacy operation allows not only providing the population with the pharmaceuticals of good quality at the lowest price but also up leveling the education at the Faculty of Pharmacy by means of students participation in pharmaceutical care delivery. Besides, postgraduate students and university employees conduct scientific researches on the basis of the Pharmacy.

Pharmacy Medical Institute