Dean's Office

Assistant to the Dean for Academic Affairs – Olga А. Boltenkova
Assistant to the Dean for Social and Educational Affairs – Oksana V. Vorobjova


The Department of Biology and Chemistry at the Belgorod Pedagogical Institute was opened on September 1, 1966. Over the past 40 years of the existence of the Faculty its leaders were: M.P. Travkin, A.A. Khizhnyak, A.F. Kolchanov, G.A. Vlasova, A.V. Prisniy, G.M. Fofanov. Throughout its history the faculty has trained more than 3,000 professionals.


Department of Ecology, Physiology and Biological Evolution; Head of the Department - E.A. Snegin, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor;

Department of General Chemistry; Head of the Department - A.I. Vezencev, Doctor of Engineering, Professor;

Department of Biotechnology and Microbiology; Head of the Department - I.V. Batlutskaya, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor;

Department of Medical and Technical Systems; Head of the Department - V.P. Chuev, Doctor of Engineering.

The Department of Medical and Technical Systems operates on the basis of ZAO Experimental Plant “VladMiVa”. In 2009 the basic Department of analytical microscopy of biological objects was established at the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics, Pushchino Research Center of RAS. At the same time the basic department of regional diversity issues was established in the State Nature Reserve “Belogorie”. It created the favorable climate for educational practice of biology students.

Study and Science

There are 70 teachers, including 13 professors, doctors, 23 associate professors, candidates of sciences. Total number of all Faculty employs is over 80 people.

About 240 students, including 26 international students from Vietnam, Ecuador, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Moldova study in full-time course. About 100 students study in the part-time course of Bachelor and Master Biology programs.

Today the faculty prepares graduates at all levels of higher education: bachelors, masters in biology and chemistry. Since 2011, the entry is made in the Bachelor Degree Program. One 5-year-course specialty is remained as «Fundamental and Applied Chemistry».

Directions of bachelor degree:

  • bachelor in Biology
  • bachelor in Chemistry
  • bachelor in Biotechnologies

Bachelor in biology and chemistry is prepared for work as engineer, junior researcher in research and engineering establishment, and as a pedagogue Russian educational institution.

The faculty has Master Degree Program of the following specialties:

04.04.01 Chemistry. Educational programms:

  • colloid chemistry;
  • analytical chemistry;
  • forensic processing of materials and substance (interdisciplinary program).

06.04.01 Biology. Educational programms:

  • human and animal physiology;
  • botany;
  • ecology;
  • plant protection;
  • phytodesign;
  • hunting management;
  • microbiology.

There is post-graduate education (full time and part-time) of following specialties:

04.06.01 Chemical sciences

  • 02.00.02 – analytical chemistry
  • 02.00.03 – organic chemistry
  • 02.00.11 – colloid chemistry and physical-chemical mechanics

06.06.01 Biological sciences

  • 03.00.01 – botany
  • 03.02.05 – entomology
  • 03.03.01 – physiology

05.06.01 Earth sciences

  • 03.02.08 – ecology

The scientific work of teachers and students has annual funding about several dozens of million rubles.

Graduate and undergraduate students are actively involved in these researches. Researches in the field of cell technology, biochemical synthesis, optimization of a network of protected areas in the region, environmental and physiological monitoring of Belgorod and the Belgorod region, development of sorbents based on natural raw materials and study of biologically active substances are the most intensive ones. In recent years, biotechnology has become a developing new scientific direction. The faculty is the initiator of many Russian national, regional and inter-university conferences.

The Faculty scientists have successful collaboration with colleagues from Moscow State University, Russian Academy of Sciences institutes, universities and research institutes of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Germany, France, Vietnam, etc.

The Faculty has a partnership agreement with the Carl von Ossietski University of Oldenburg (Germany); the best graduate students of the Faculty undertake an internship in the German university every year.

Academic Mobility

The Faculty is an active participant of several International Agreements of BelSU, e.g.:

  • Large-format Agreements between BelSU and leading universities of Kazakstan in the frame of the international education project “The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) University”
  • Joint Educational Project (JEP) with and Dezhou University of China
  • Framework 2013 agreement on the interuniversity academic cooperation between Belgorod State University and University of Cergy-Pontoise (France)