The history of the Faculty

Faculty of Business and service of National Research University "Belgorod State University" was created in 2006 in order to prepare professionals for the development services sector, which, according to domestic and foreign experts, is the main trend of the XXI century. Since September 2014 the faculty became a part of the Institute of Economics. This allows us not only give students a thorough knowledge of engineering and technology service processes, but also a substantial economic and management training necessary for a successful business in this field. The first dean of the faculty was the Doctor of Economics, Professor Larisa Borisoglebskaya. In 2008-2011 the faculty was headed by PhD of physico-mathematical sciences, professor Galina Tkachenko.

Since September 2011 the Head of the Faculty is Doctor of Economics, Professor Olga Slinkova.

The structure of the Faculty

Department of Technology of Public Catering and Services sector. Head of the Department - Ph.D., associate professor Nina Myachikova

Department of Tourism and Socio-cultural Service. Head of the Department - Ph.D., associate professor Elena Dumacheva.

The educational process at the Faculty of Business and Service

At the faculty actively developing training in a two-tier system of education - bachelor and master. The faculty training in the following areas of undergraduate:

  • 19.03.04 «Technology of products and catering»;
  • 38.03.06 «Trading Business»;
  • 38.03.07 «Commodity»;
  • 43.03.01 «Service»;
  • 43.03.02 «Tourism»;
  • 43.03.03 «Hospitality».

The faculty is prepared for masters in 43.04.02 Tourism (2 directions):

  • «Organization and management of tourist business»;
  • «Technology and the organization of excursion services».

Best students and undergraduates students have the opportunity to continue their studies in graduate school, specialty 08.00.05 – «Economy and management of a national economy».

The teaching process at the Faculty provide highly qualified teachers - PhDs with academic rank of associate professor and professor. In order to develop practical skills of students to the educational process involved the most experienced business leaders, administration of Belgorod and Belgorod region.

The scientific work of the Faculty of Business and Service and International Cooperation

At the Faculty there are ample scientific relations with the leading Russian and foreign universities:

  • Russian State University of Tourism and Service;
  • Moscow State University of Service;
  • Voronezh State University;
  • Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen (Netherlands);
  • Technical University of Moldova (Moldova);
  • University "Lucian Blaga" Sibiu (Romania);
  • Belarusian State University (Belarus) and others.

The research work of the faculty is conducted on a broad spectrum of fundamental and applied areas of modern science:

  • improving the business of innovative enterprises, management innovation and investment processes;
  • strategic issues of efficiency and competitiveness of the Russian economy;
  • institutional basis for the formation of socio-economic development of the region;
  • territorial marketing in the context of regional development;
  • study of the regional market of tourist services;
  • creating an effective brand Belgorod region;
  • the development of the tourism potential of the region;
  • development of technology culinary products long-term storage;
  • development of culinary production increased food and biological value;
  • the development of environmentally safe food using natural colorants, etc.

Research work of students is mandatory, an integral part of the training of professionals in the faculty of business and service. Students of the faculty involved in the Russian and international conferences, competitions of scientific works of the regional, federal and international levels.

At the faculty there:

  • Student research laboratory "Problems of innovative development and management in the field of tourism" (Head – Assoc. Marina Komarova);
  • Student School of Business Design (Head Assoc. Tatyana Klimova);
  • Student Scientific Society «Perspectiva» (Head Assoc.Nataliya Doronina).

Social services in the department

Training activities at the Faculty traditionally successfully combined with sports and cultural activities. Students and graduates of the faculty actively participate in the social life of the university. The faculty is actively involved in volunteer work of the University, helping disadvantaged groups, working with the orphanage "South", a social haven for children and adolescents of St. Xenia of St. Petersburg in Krasnensky district. The cultural activity provides a platform for students to enrich their knowledge and broaden their views, to develop their versatile abilities and to demonstrate their talents.