Institute of Economy of National Research University “Belgorod State University” was created in 1997 as a Faculty of Economics.

Due to reorganization of the NRU “BSU” in 2013, the Faculty of Economics was transformed into the Institute of Economy. Institute of Economy is one of the leading structural educational department of NRU “BSU”. For 15 years, the Faculty of Economics headed by Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Vladimir I. Boltenkov. Since June 2013 the Head of the Faculty is Doctor of Economy, Professor Marina V. Vladyka.

The faculty consists of five departments

Department of Finance and Credit 
(Head of the Department - Doctor of Economy, professor Tatyana Fliginskih)

Department of Accounting, Analysis and Audit 
(Head of the Department - Ph.D., Assoc. professor Larisa Semykina) 

Department of World Economy 
(Head of the Department - Doctor of Education, professor Elena Kamyshanchenko)

Department of Taxes and Taxation 
(Head of the Department - Ph.D., professor Valentina Tarasova) 

Department of Economy
(Head of the Department - Ph.D., Assoc. professor Evgeniya Nikulina)

Training Programmes

Since 2011 has been implemented only on a set of training direction 080100 “Economics” - undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate. In accordance with Federal state educational standard of new generation training bachelors in “Economics” at the Institute will provide the profiles:

  • «Finance and Credit»
  • «Accounting, analysis and audit»
  • «Taxes and taxation»
  • «Economy of enterprises and organizations»
  • «Real Estate Economy»
  • «Economy of Tourism»
  • «Economy of Municipal Economy»
  • «International accounting»
  • « Economical and legal regulation of foreign economic activity »
  • «International Investment activity»
  • «World Economy»
  • «Economics of Small and Medium Enterprises»

Bachelors can continue the professional education in a magistracy of institute. Training of masters is conducted in the following directions:

080100.68 Economy on professional educational programs:

  • «Real Estate Economy»
  • «Economy of the firm and industry markets»
  • «Accounting, analysis and audit»
  • «International Economy»
  • «Customs regulation of foreign economy activity»
  • «International Business»
  • «International Investment»
  • «Foreign trade activities of the organization»
  • «Tax Administration»
  • «Tax Advice»
  • «Regional economy»
  • «Economy of Entrepreneurship»

080300.68 Finance and credit according to programs:

  • «Banks and bank activity»
  • «Financial management»
  • «Insurance»
  • «Estimated activity»
  • «Corporate finance»

Much attention at institute is paid also to postdegree education of graduates. For this purpose there is a postgraduate study on specialties:

  • 08.00.05 «Economy and management of a national economy» (on branches and fields of activity, area of the research «regional economy» and «marketing»);
  • 08.00.10 «Finance, monetary circulation and credit»;
  • 08.00.12 «Accounting, statistics»;
  • 08.00.13 «Mathematical and tool methods in economy».

In the educational process is widely used innovative areas such as practice-oriented approach, the development of foreign language education, the modernization of the system of training undergraduate and graduate students from foreign countries.

The institute has broad scientific and educational communications with representatives of business entities, the business community and the public authorities.

The scientific work of the Institute

Teachers, graduate students and students of the Institute are actively involved in various forms of research work, as well as successfully participate in the Olympiads, contests scientific papers and conferences. The Institute holds an annual scientific conference of regional and international level:

  • «Modern problems of economy, financial and credit systems»
  • «The competitiveness of the economy in the era of globalization: the Russian and international experience»
  • «Actual problems of development of the regional and national economy»

Achievements of teachers and students are getting patents, grants of the President of the Russian Federation, RHF Foundation for Basic Research, the federal program, receiving scholarships of the President of the Russian Federation, the Russian Government, the Governor of Belgorod region, Sberbank of Russia, charities of Andrei Skoch and Vladimir Potanin.