The Geology and Geography faculty has begun its history since 1991


  • Geography, Geoecology and Life Safety (the head – professor, PhD in geography A.G. Kornilov);
  • Nature Management and Land Cadastre (the head – professor, PhD in geography Yu.G. Chendev);
  • Applied Geology and Mining (the head – professor, PhD in techniques B.A. Hramcov).


At the faculty students are trained on the following specialties:

  • 020401.65 Geography classical; specialization: landscape planning; qualification-the geographer;
  • 021000.62 (05.03.02) Geography, profile "Physical Geography and Landscape", qualification – Bachelor (4 years – full-time study);
  • 021300.62 (05.03.03) Cartography and Geoinformatics, qualification – Bachelor (4 years – full-time study);
  • 050103 Geography with additional specialization Ecological Education of Pupils;
  • 020802.65 Nature management; qualification – the ecologist and the user of nature
  • 022000.62 (05.03.06) Ecology and Nature management, qualification – Bachelor (4 years – full-time study, 5 years – extramural studies)
  • 120302.65 Land; qualification – the engineer
  • 120700.62 (21.03.02) Land Management and cadastre, qualification – Bachelor (4 years – full-time study, 5 years – extramural studies)
  • 130101.65 (21.05.02) Applied Geology, specialization – Prospecting and exploration of groundwater and geological engineering, qualification – (5 years – full-time study, 6 years – extramural studies)
  • 130400.65 (21.05.04) Mining, specialization – Mine Surveying, qualification – (5 years – full-time).

Postgraduate study

  • 25.00.16 Mining and Oil-field Geology, Geophysics, Mine surveyor's business and Geometry of bowels;
  • 25.00.20 Geomechanics, Destruction of Rocks, Miner Aerogasdynamics and Mountain Thermophysics;
  • 25.00.23 Physical Geography, Biogeography, Landscape Geochemistry and Soil Geography;
  • 25.00.26 Land management, a Cadastre and Land Monitoring;
  • 25.00.35 Geoinformatics;
  • 25.00.36 Geoecology.

Nowadays at the faculty study more than 500 students of day time department and more than 300 students of correspondence form. Educational process is provided by the highly skilled academic staff.

All the audiences are equipped with modern technical means, e-mail and the Internet. The fund of faculty's library contains more than 2,5 thousand of educational and methodical literature. Theoretical training is accompanied by practical studying. On the senior rates students pass industrial practice and student teaching in research establishments, state and commercial structures, city and regional schools.

Scientific research and international cooperation

The scientific and technical base of the faculty includes the specialized laboratories to carry out studies and scientific research at a high level:

  • Landscape-geochemical educational laboratory;
  • Laboratory of ecodiagnostics and monitoring researches;
  • Laboratory of regional ecological researches;
  • Laboratory of geoinformation technologies (GIS);
  • Laboratory of mechanics of the grounds;
  • Laboratory of mineralogy and petrography;
  • Laboratory of ecoanalytics;
  • Laboratory of engineering geology.

The faculty develops research environment in partnership with several universities and organizations. Student and faculty exchanges, international summer expeditions and collaborative research have made it possible for the faculty and students to experience not only advanced academic studies but also unique foreign cultural opportunities.

The scientific researches are implemented in the following directions:

  1. Research natural and natural-technogenical ecogeosystems for steady development of regions. Heads and leading scientists in the given area are: professor, PhD in geography – A.G. Kornilov; PhD in geography, professor, dean of the faculty – A.N. Petin; candidate's degree in geography, the senior lecturer – V.I. Petina.
  2. The Geoecological substantiation of rational nature management. Heads and leading scientists in the given area are: professor, PhD in geography – F.N. Lisetsky; professor, PhD in geography – J.G. Chendev; PhD in geography, the senior lecturer – P.V. Goleusov.

Students of the faculty take an active part in researches. Since 2002 the Student's scientific organization (SSO) have been carrying out function of the advisory and organizational center of students' research work.

Annually students of the faculty take part in competitions of scientific works at a regional and federal level and in All-Russia Olympiads. Received during field and cameral works the actual material is used by students for a spelling of course and degree works, and also for making reports at the All-Russia, regional and ultrahigh school scientific student's conferences.

Social Life

The cultural activity provides a platform for students to enrich their knowledge and broaden their views, to develop their versatile abilities and to demonstrate their talents. Regularly at the faculty different interesting measures are organized. Students and teachers take part in charitable actions, university competitions on a chess, basketball, football, volleyball, table tennis, etc.

It's a good tradition at the faculty to make excursion trips in Russian cities and near abroad.

Specially for you

  • If you are our student
    There is the modern hostel, the advanced infrastructure providing a qualitative feed and health services for students. Students actively participate in sports and cultural actions.
  • If you are still the schoolboy/girl
    Preparatory courses for entrance examinations – geography, biology and other subjects.
  • If you are the expert
    In magistracy bachelors and the persons having higher education can act. Training in magistracy allows the expert to receive the top skills.

You are wellcome to our faculty!