The process of education

The Faculty of Journalism of Belgorod State National Research University are proposing the professional training in the fields of television, printing press, international journalism, advertisement and public relations for Russian and foreign students.

Since the year 2005 the studies at the Faculty have offered the way for professional carriers and supplementary education for Russians and citizens of Angola, Nigeria, China, Germany, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, Poland, Turkey, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Chile and Ukraine.

Two Departments of Faculty (Department of Journalism, Department of Communication Studies, Advertizing and PR) are proposing the multi-level educational programs:

42.03.02 Bachelor in Journalism (4 years of full-time study), with optional specializations in Printed Press, International Journalism, Television, Multi-Media online Journalism;

42.03.01 Bachelor in Advertising and Public Relations (4 years of full-time study), with optional specializations in Print Advertising, PR at State and Social Organizations;

  • Master in Journalism (2 years of full-time study);
  • Master in Advertising and PR (2 years of full-time study);
  • Doctorate in Journalism or Russian language (3 years).

The tutors of educational programs of Masters and Doctorate are PhD with the experience of visiting professors and researchers at Universities of Europe and Americas: Alexander Korochensky (at New York University, University of Habana, universities of Spain, Poland, Finland), Evgeny Kozhemyakin (Louisville University, USA), Andrey Polonskiy (University of Bergamo, Italy), prof. Maria Kazak (Koutaisi Pedagogic Institute, Georgia).

Two programs of Masters in Journalism are:

  • Journalist-researcher: International News Coverage (tutor – prof. Alexander Korochensky),
  • Communicative studies in Public Relations (tutor – prof. Evgeny Kozhemiakin)?
  • Mass Media and Intercultural Communication (tutor – prof. Andrey Polonsky),
  • Media Coverage of Cultural Issues (tutor- associate prof. Svetlana Ushakova).

The educational process at Faculty of Journalism has a strong orientation to the needs of modern electronic and printing press, agencies of advertising and PR. In classes students can use computers with wireless connection to Internet, digital video and photographical cameras, another modern equipment and software for professional communicators.

Research work

The main fields of scientific research at the faculty are:

  • Discourses and media criticism in mass media;
  • Language and genres of Russian mass media;
  • History of journalism of Belgorod region;
  • Comparative studies of foreign media systems and international mass communications;
  • Media ethics and media self-regulation;
  • Media education by the press.

International Contacts

The Faculty cooperates with the following foreign parthners - educational institutions and organizations:

  • University of Bergamo (Italy);
  • Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona (Spain);
  • Hanze University (Holland);
  • Silesian University (Katowice-Poland);
  • Higher Humanitarian School (Sosnoviec- Poland)
  • Pan-European University (Bratislava - Slovakia);
  • Byelorussian State University (Minsk-Belarus);
  • National University Taras Shevchenko (Lugansk-Ukraine)