Modern university education gives the student the opportunity during his studies at his university to acquire knowledge and practical skills in a foreign educational institution. Such an opportunity became real thanks to student mobility, to which, within the framework of the Bologna Agreement, great attention is paid to leading Russian and foreign universities. For NRU "BelSU" student mobility is one of the most important areas of international activity.

“Academic mobility” means the transfer of someone related to education for a certain period (usually from a semester to a year) to another educational institution (at home or abroad) for study, teaching or research, after which a student, teacher or the researcher returns to his primary school.

The subjects of academic mobility can be students, graduate students, teachers, employees of the Belgorod State University, as well as students, graduate students, teachers, researchers and leading specialists from third-party educational institutions and organizations.

Participation in academic mobility programs

To participate in academic mobility programs you must:

  • apply to your faculty / institute to the coordinator of international activities or the management of international cooperation;
  • fill out an application,
  • be selected, i.e. competition in accordance with the principles of equality of opportunity and established criteria:
    - academic progress,
    - scientific performance
    - knowledge of the host language
    - сompliance with a program or exchange agreement with a partner institution