Картинки по запросу Research Centers


  • Centre for Mediation
  • Clinical and Preclinical Studies Centre
  • Nanostructured Materials and Nanotechnologies SE & Innovation Centre
  • Scientific and Training Center of Foreign Languages
  • “Belgorod State University Botanical Garden” Research and Education Centre
  • “NRU “BelSU” Engineering School” Research and Education Centre

Basic Scientific and Research Laboratories (SRL)

  • Applied Systems Analysis and Information Technologies SRL
  • Demographic Processes RL
  • Environmental Engineering SRL
  • Historic Anthropology SRL
  • Information Measurement and Control Complexes and Systems, ESL
  • Intellectual automated control systems SRL
  • Mechanical Properties of Nanoscale and Heat Resistant Materials SRL
  • Mineral Processing SRL
  • Organic Synthesis and NMR Spectroscopy SRL
  • Population Genetics and Genotoxicology SRL
  • Problems of Ion-plasma Technologies Development and Implementation SRL
  • Radiation Physics Laboratory
  • Scientific and Research Laboratory of Chemical Materials Science
  • Three Dimensional Nanostructured Materials SRL

Common Use Centres

  • Centre for Aerospace and Ground Monitoring of Objects and Natural Resources
  • Diagnostics of Nanomaterials’ Structure and Properties, CUC
  • Processing Equipment BelSU CUC


  • Technological Park
  • Information and Exhibition Centre