Acting rector of Belgorod State National Research University, Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor Oleg Polukhin was born in 1955. Krasnaya Yaruga, the village, where he was born, is located in Rakityanskiy district of Belgorod region. He is married and has three children.

In the formative years, having finished compulsory education, he chose Gubkin Mining secondary school to obtain future profession. After graduation, Oleg Poluknin was called out for military service in the Armed Forces of the USSR. But, in 1976 he decided to continue his education in the evening department of All-Soviet Institute of Technology, at the same time working as an ironworker, and later on as a foreman in the Construction Department of "Centrmetallurgmontazh". In 1981 he successfully graduated with the qualification of mining engineer.

Oleg Polukhin occupied various positions in the Komsomol organization in Gubkin and Belgorod. From 1985 to 1987 he studied at the Academy of Social Sciences attached to the CPSU Central Committee, where he defended thesis for the degree of candidate of philosophical sciences on the topic "The role of the town-village relationship in acceleration of social development of village."

From 1987 till 1994 he worked as the second (and afterwards) as the first secretary of CPSU City Commitee, occupied the position of Congress of People's Deputies Chairman in Gubkin and Gubkin district. In 1997 he was appointed deputy chairman of Belgorod regional Duma, and in May 2000 he became first deputy chairman of the Committee on the organizational analysis and personnel management of Belgorod region administration. In 2000-2010 Oleg Polukhin headed administrative staff of Belgorod region governor and undertook the position of vice-governor. Since 2010 he’s been the Head of the administration of the Belgorod region governor. In May 2012 he was elected to the position of Belgorod State National Research University rector.

In 2002 O. Polukhin was conferred the academic title of Ph.D. In June 2005 he defended his thesis for the degree of Doctor of Political Sciences on the theme "Citizenship as a subject of political analysis," In April 2011 he became an elected member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences in the section "Problems of sustainable development in Russia."