The youth Cultural Centre

BelSU Youth Cultural center was established in 2001. Nowadays there are 11 creative teams that work in different art styles in this great microcosm. People’s love and different awards in national and international competitions prove the high professional level of university’s talents. Professionals of «Extrim» design studio create splendid onstage dresses that show artists character uniqueness.

YCS specialists help university departments and chairs to organize and hold activities, write scripts, record phonograms. Every year on the stage of the Youth Cultural Center take place more than 400 hundred activities that can visit more than 150 thousands people.

Saint Gabriel’s Church

On the 2nd of November 2001 Belgorod State University became one more Institution of Higher Education that has its own church. That day the archbishop of Belgorod and Stariy Oskol Ioan dedicated a church that was built in honor of Archangel Gabriel who is henceforth spiritual patron of university students.

Missionary work of the church is provided by holding of conferences, seminars, lectures, conversations, panel discussions with students and teachers of BSU and others Belgorod Institutions of Higher Education on different themes concerned mental revival of individual, family, nation and state. The parish publishes monthly newspaper and provides orthodox movies watching with following discussion.

Saint Gabriel’s Church

Saint Gabriel Archangel belongs to the University Church Association in Russian Intstitutions of Higher Education association. This association was established with the blessing of His Holiness the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alexis II.

The beneficiary of Saint Gabriel’s Church is the priest Alexis Bekorukov. He finished faculty of physics of Moscow State University and Orthodox Saint Tychonof Theological Institute. Не is a senior professor of Christian history and anthropology chair of social-theological department of BelSU.