Belgorod city, Russia

The capital city of Belgorod oblast.


Belgorod Overview

Belgorod is an administrative center and capital of Belgorod oblast of Russia standing on the banks of the Seversky Donets River about 700 km south of Moscow and 40 km from Ukrainian border. There is an international airport in Belgorod (EGO).

Belgorod population is 374,000 (2012), land area - 153 sq. km.

The phone code is +7 4722, postal codes - 308000-309000.


Belgorod Features

Belgorod from Russian language means “a white city” (the area of the city was rich in limestone). It is cultural, economic, scientific and transport center of the region. The City Day is celebrated on August 5.

Belgorod is one of the cleanest and well-planned cities of Russia. There are several educational centers in the city: Belgorod State University, Belgorod Technological University, Belgorod Agricultural Academy and Belgorod Financial Academy.


Belgorod History

First time the settlement on the present Belgorod territory was mentioned in 1237. That time the village was completely destroyed by Batu Khan invasion on Russian lands. The settlement was founded again in 1596 (official foundation date) by Boris Godunov order.

The settlement was playing a role of fortress on the southern border of Russian state defending the country from Crimean Tatars raids. Later the border of Russia moved to the south and the fortress lost its importance. The area of the town became the part of Kursk guberniya of the Russian Empire.

Belgorod was captured by Nazi Germany army in October, 1941, and finally liberated by Soviet army in August, 1943. The city was heavily damaged during the numerous battles and was completely rebuilt after the war. In 1954, the city received the status of administrative center of Belgorod region.

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Belgorod Attractions

The cultural environment of Belgorod is greatly influenced by cultural institutions, such as M.S.Schepkin State Academic Drama theater, State Puppet theater, Belgorod State Philharmonic Society, Culture and Art Institute, Music School and others.

There are museums of various types: Historical and of Local Study, Arts, Literature, Diorama “Kursk Battle - Belgorod direction”, Folk Culture museum.

The largest traditional cultural events of Belgorod are as follows: International Festival of Puppet Theaters “Belgorodskaya Fun”, All-Russia Theater Festival “Actors of Russia - to M.S.Shepkin”, cultural exchanges of cities and districts of the oblast as parts of cultural relay-race, International competitions of violinists, guitar-players and folk instrument players, Chorus Festivals named after S.A.Degtyaryov and G.Ya.Lomakin and others.